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Mind the opening doors

May 30, 2012

“This train is ready to depart. Mind the closing doors.” Common (and sound) advice regularly given in the Tube, and all to often followed by, “Please do not obstruct the doors!” as they open and close again.
Normally I disregard these instructions as I am well in the carriage (I tend to wait for the next train rather than regard any space big enough for my feet as an invitation to board.) But inevitably the day arrives when this policy has to be abandoned in the interests of actually boarding a train sometime this century. And so I found myself on the Jubilee line, listening carefully to this advice, and bending my head and upper body to conform to the contours of the train (for those unfamiliar with the London underground, the top of many of the trains are rounded in order to fit down the tube shaped tunnels which give it its name).
Once I had successfully minded the closing doors, I relaxed a bit, and allowed myself to stand a little more upright.
What I did not know, is that the is a rubber seal on the doors, which protrudes a little. At the next station the doors opened, and I got a whack in the head from the seal. So should you find yourself wedged just inside a tube carriage, one word of advice, Mind the opening doors.


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