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Sunglasses are not for…

May 11, 2015

Until now, I have thought that the primary use for sunglasses is to keep the sun out of your eyes. So when waking up to an overcast day, I had a short debate with myself as to whether or not to wear them on a bike ride. In the end, I decided that the sun might make an appearance, so to be on the safe side I put the orange lenses in and off I went. The countryside of north Hampshire is beautiful at this time of year – the bright yellow of the rape seed crops, the bright green of new leaves above carpets of bluebells, the narrow lanes between the hedgerows, the clouds of insects which fill the narrow lanes between the hedgerows…

It was at that point that the tick tick ticking sound coming from in front of my eyes informed me of the real purpose of sunglasses. To leave you free to keep your eyes open (always useful) and concentrate on spitting bugs out. 


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